Welcome to the homepage of Eli Effinger-Weintraub (they/them/theirs), the “word half” of Tangleroot Endeavors. (The “picture half” is artist/designer¬†Leora Effinger-Weintraub.)

All posts here should fall into at least one of three categories: theater; Paganism; and queerness. The very best posts will touch on all three. Pull up a chair and sit a spell.

Who am I?

Glad you asked! Here are some words that describe me:

  • playwright
  • essayist
  • naturalistic Reclaiming-tradition Pagan
  • agender-queery-kinda-person
  • spouse
  • deathworker
  • transportation cyclist
  • armchair mycologist
  • crocheter
  • cat jungle gym

I’ve written some plays you may have heard of, if you live in the Twin Cities area. If you’re on NPX, you can find some of my work there.

  • The Crown of the Holly Queen (Wheel of the Year Cycle – Winter Solstice)
  • The Quest of the White Hawk (Wheel of the Year Cycle – Spring Equinox)
  • Girl Gumshoe & Detective Dad
  • Title IX (co-written with Jessica Huang, Marcie Rendon, and Saymoukda Vongsay)
  • Brittle Things
  • Mama Death at the Door
  • Para Bellum
  • Unit LLT

Yes, I am the Eli who has led the death workshops at Paganicon and co-facilitates the far-too-infrequent Pagan Death Salons. (More of those are coming, I promise!)

I’m one of the thirteen original signers of Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming’s statement against transphobia.

I used to write a column called “Restorying the Sacred” at No Unsacred Place. Man, I miss No Unsacred Place.

Yup. That’s me! Hey, here’s a picture of me:

EEW headshot
Photo by Leora Effinger-Weintraub
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