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Welcome to the homepage of Eli Effinger-Weintraub (they/them/theirs), the “word half” of Tangleroot Endeavors. (The “picture half” is artist/designer Lior Effinger-Weintraub.)

All posts here should fall into at least one of three categories: theater; Paganism; and queerness. The very best posts will touch on all three. Pull up a chair and sit a spell (see what I did there?).

Who am I?

Glad you asked! Here are some words that describe me:

  • playwright
  • essayist
  • Naturalistic Pagan
  • agender-queery-kinda-person
  • spouse
  • deathworker
  • transportation cyclist
  • armchair mycologist
  • crocheter
  • cat jungle gym

I’ve written some plays you may have heard of, especially if you live in the Twin Cities area:

  • The Crown of the Holly Queen (Wheel of the Year Cycle – Winter Solstice)
  • The Quest of the White Hawk (Wheel of the Year Cycle – Spring Equinox)
  • Girl Gumshoe & Detective Dad
  • Title IX (co-written with Jessica Huang, Marcie Rendon, and Saymoukda Vongsay)
  • Brittle Things
  • Mama Death at the Door
  • Para Bellum
  • Unit LLT

If you’re on NPX, you can find some of my work there. I also do the instagramming (it’s mostly pictures of books).

Yes, I am the Eli who has led the death workshops at Paganicon. I’m one of the thirteen original signers of Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming’s statement against transphobia. I used to write a column called “Restorying the Sacred” at No Unsacred Place. Man, I miss No Unsacred Place.

Yup. That’s me! Hey, here’s a picture of me:

EEW headshot
Photo by Lior Effinger-Weintraub