Oh dip, update your forking EOL documents

Note: this post contains spoilers for all four seasons of The Good Place. If you haven’t watched the show but intend to, or think you’ll ever want to, and you don’t want to be spoilered, maybe give this one a miss.

Content note: death denial, ageism, television

Well, I finally got to see the end of NBC’s The Good Place. I’d expected that I would cry; I just hadn’t anticipated how much.

TGP ranks in my top ten TV shows I’ve ever seen, maybe even top five. It’s smart, funny, full of heart, and visually saturated, all things I look for in TV. It also fascinates me as a deathworker because it’s one of those places where US overcultural death denialism smacks right into US overcultural obsession with youth.

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The Tangleroot Deathly Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when many of us find our thoughts turning to Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, or Christmas gift-giving (Chanukah’s already started, of course, but you could probably sneak something in before it ends). With the secular new year around the corner, we may also be thinking about resolutions, and perhaps resolving to check on the state of affairs regarding our wishes around death and dying.

We here at Tangleroot Endeavors (by which I mean your humble author with input from Leora Effinger-Weintraub) have assembled our (first annual?) deathly gift guide, a modest list of gifts for your favorite mortal. These gifts are nice not only for themselves, but also for the peace of mind they offer both giver and receiver.

DragonCon 2008 attendee cosplaying as Death filling in for the Hogfather, from Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather.¬†inspired by the Sky One adaptation.

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